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Easy Fundraising Information
How to Use Easy Fundraising to Help Our Club

As part of our fund raising efforts we are registered with EasyFundraising. This is similar to a loyalty points scheme but instead of collecting points, when you make a purchase with a participating website through the EasyFundraising site a percentage of the price paid goes to your selected beneficiary (ie NAASC).

Originally to use this though you had to first go to the EasyFundraising website and then search for your retailer of choice.

However in order to make it even easier to know which websites are participating there is a browser plugin that you can install so that you don't have to go to the EasyFundraising site first. With this installed you just have to watch the top of your browser screen and if they are registered with EasyFundrasing it will display information as to what percentage will go to the club when you make your purchase.

To start using this follow these easy steps below.

1/ go to the EasyFundraising website at and if you have not already got an account create one by clicking on the arrow pointer that says "I want to support a good cause".

*  When it asks for the name of your good cause enter "North Ayrshire A S C". This then takes you to our   page on the site and shows the total amount raised so far.

*   Click on the green box that says "Sign me up" and create your account and you have completed the first step!

2/ Once you are signed in click on "Raise More" at the top right of the page then select "Find and Remind". Click on the Green "Install Now" box.
(There is a version for most of the popular web browsers. If you use multiple browsers why not install this on all that you use?)

3/ Depending on your browser you will be asked to Run or Add the Find and Remind plugin. Do this and then follow the further instructions to complete the install.

4/ Once installed confirm that all has installed correctly by closing your browser and restarting it up, then going to a site such as This should then show a drop down at the top of the screen to tell you to click to claim your percentage donation from them to the club.

Note some websites such as Amazon don't yet support the Find and Remind plugin but still display the banner asking you to click to claim your donation.
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